School Of Roars

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 41 - Out of This World

3.0 2 x
When astronaut Fuzz Cauldron visits for science week, Wingston wants to impress her with his ant farm experiment. Unfortunately, the ants escape and cause chaos.

Series 2, Episode 40 - Monster Mystery

3.0 0 x
Someone has shrivelled Mrs Twirlyhorn’s bog plant, so Detective Yummble and Inspector Icklewoo decide to investigate! As they follow a trail of clues, they realise every teacher is a suspect…

Series 2, Episode 39 - Smelling Bee

4.0 7 x
When the class enter a 'smelling bee', Wufflebump becomes a silly show-off until his super sniffy snout turns into a sneezy one.

Series 2, Episode 38 - Float

4.0 5 x
The monsters build a float for the town carnival. Unfortunately, Meepa’s grand design proves troublesome, and Miss Grizzlesniff has to rescue it from disaster.

Series 2, Episode 37 - School Disco

3.0 11 x
Wufflebump is dreading the school disco because he’s too clumsy to dance. Can he discover his own special monster moves and dazzle on the dancefloor?

Series 2, Episode 36 - Wingston's Mummy

4.0 16 x
The monsters make ‘shoebox caves’ and put little models of their families inside. Wingston feels sad because he doesn’t have a mummy in his family.

Series 2, Episode 35 - Tick Tock Time

3.0 4 x
Icklewoo has missed a very important lesson on telling the time, so Yummble helps her learn. But will she be good enough to beat class champ Meepa?

Series 2, Episode 34 - The Sillies

3.0 5 x
When the monsters have a class party, Wufflebump and Icklewoo eat too many biscuits and get ‘the sillies’. Their silliness messes up all the party games and makes Yummble feel sad.

Series 2, Episode 33 - Mee TV

3.0 9 x
When Growly’s Comet flies over the school, Meepa decides to film it. But she gets so distracted playing with the camera, she misses the moment. Can the other monsters show her what she missed?

Series 2, Episode 32 - Swamp Trip

4.0 5 x
The monsters get lost on a school trip to the swamp. Can they use their knowledge of nature to find their way back to the bus before daddy gets stuck in the mud?