Scotland's Murder Mysteries

August 2018

Eugene Chantrelle

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Frenchman Eugene Chantrelle was hanged in Edinburgh's Calton Jail in 1878 for the murder of his young Scottish wife. We revisit the case that scandalised a nation.

Deacon Brodie

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A real Jekyll and Hyde case from the 1700s. Discover the remarkable duplicity of respected Scottish tradesman Deacon Brodie, who led a secret life as a thief.
July 2018

Donald Merrett

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Callous killer Donald Merrett murdered his mum, his wife and his mother-in-law before taking his own life in 1954. Learn more about the butchery that shocked Scotland.
May 2018

Jessie McLachlan

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Recalling the 1862 Sandyford murder case, in which Jessie McLachlan was accused of killing her friend with a meat cleaver. Hear the facts as her guilt is questioned.

Madeleine Smith

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Madeleine Smith was a 19th-century Glaswegian socialite who was sensationally accused of poisoning her lover. Discover if today's experts think she was truly guilty.

Dr Edward Pritchard

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Revisit Scotland's most infamous murders. Edward Pritchard poisoned his wife and mother-in-law in 1865 and was the last person to be publicly hanged in Glasgow.

Oscar Slater

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Historic criminal cases. Oscar Slater was convicted of murder in 1909, but was he really a killer or in fact a victim of high-level conspiracy? The evidence is assessed.
January 2016

Jessie King

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Child killer Jessie King was the last woman to be executed in Edinburgh, being hanged for her crimes in 1889. But was her partner also guilty? Experts air their theories.