Scrapheap Challenge

June 2018

Stuck In The Mud

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Dick Strawbridge hosts the incredible engineering challenge series. Dick tasks three teams with building machines capable of coping with a quagmire at Beaulieu.


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Dick Strawbridge takes over on the incredible engineering challenge series as he tasks three teams with building and racing chariots at historic Hever castle.

The Best Of

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Everyone loves a countdown show, don't they? Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers look back at the brilliant builds and malfunctioning machines from the ingenious engineering series.

Human Powered Flight

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, kind of. Scrapheap champions the Anoraks and the Powerlifters enter a space race as they build human-powered flying machines!

Rock Crawlers

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Junkyard japes. The challenge in this series final is as solid as a rock: to build boulder-bashing crawlers capable of conquering a tough course made of quarry stone.

Drag Trucks

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Using only junk material they've found on a scrapheap, two enterprising teams of engineers attempt to build monster vehicles that can tear down a special racing strip.


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Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers put two teams of engineering geniuses under starter's orders before they race to build machines capable of negotiating a scrapheap steeplechase.

Caber Tossers

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The engineering challenge series that's proudly a load of old junk. Two teams enjoy a Highland fling as they build machines capable of tossing bits of lumber.

Polar Pinball

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Two teams of engineering wizards construct machines with which to play a mean ice-bound pinball game. Robert Llewelyn and Lisa Rogers ensure they always play clean.
May 2018

Car Fishing

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It's tough enough angling for fish, but today's two teams of resourceful engineers must assemble mechanical fishing rods capable of landing three full-size minis!
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