Scrapheap Challenge

October 2017

08, Mobile Mortars

3.0 0 x
The marvellously moustachioed Dick Strawbridge takes an all comers in the engineering challenge show. Today's teams construct machines capable of firing missiles.

Super Surfboards

3.0 0 x
Surf's up in Bristol as three teams of scrappers knock up giant motorised surfboards out of old junk, before pitting their creations against Dick's Diamonds.

Monster Golf

3.0 0 x
The above-par engineering challenge. Today's teams will need more than a slice of luck to beat Dick's Diamonds in a game of monster golf at Blair Castle in Scotland.

Medieval Thrower

3.0 0 x
Mechanical masterminds construct marvellous machines out of scrap. This time, the contestants launch cabbages from their hastily assembled throwing devices.

Blow Football

3.0 0 x
Dick Strawbridge hosts the mechanically minded game show. The contestants have four weeks to prepare their machines for a game of blow football.

Water Power

3.0 0 x
Dick Strawbridge and his terrific tash host the incredible competitive engineering series. The contestants are challenged to build a water-powered contraption.

Stuck In The Mud

3.0 0 x
Dick Strawbridge hosts the incredible engineering challenge series. Dick tasks three teams with building machines capable of coping with a quagmire at Beaulieu.


3.0 2 x
Dick Strawbridge takes over on the incredible engineering challenge series as he tasks three teams with building and racing chariots at historic Hever castle.

The Big One

3.0 3 x
Robert Llewellyn looks back on ten years of the engineering challenge show, featuring memorable clips of top teams and mean machines from a decade of mechanical mayhem.

Giant Archery

3.0 0 x
Teams from across the UK take on the formidable Scrapheap All-Stars. Hoping to hit the bullseye, the crews construct giant mechanical bows capable of firing an arrow.