Scrapheap Challenge


Decoration Dash

3.0 0 x
Hands-on game show. Two crafty crews compete to build the most effective mobile painting machine, but one team has a brush with the law when they bend the rules!


3.0 0 x
Another junkyard junket. Today's teams build high-speed motorcycles capable of negotiating a twisty circuit, but there's a catch - they can't use any original bike parts.

Scooter Shooters

3.0 0 x
For 'junkies' who are hooked on this cult engineering game show, get your daily fix here! Today's teams build contraptions capable of flinging a 100kg scooter.

Scrap Speed Record

3.0 0 x
Game show in which contestants create mechanical wonders from lumber! Two intrepid teams try to break the programme's speed record of 72mph at Pendine Sands.

Best Of

3.0 3 x
Enjoy the highlights from another year on the scrapheap with Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers. The show's contestants discuss the making of their cool hunks of junk.
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