Secrets of War

December 2017

Rommel's Enigma

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In the early stages of WWII, Erwin Rommel held all the cards in the intelligence battle with the Allies. How did 'Desert Fox' gain the upper hand? Find out here.

Tools of Deception

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War is much more than weaponry. Discover the tricks and deception employed in WWII, on and off the battlefield, from camouflage to false information leaks.

Battle of Britain

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The epic series narrated by Charlton Heston. How did 20,000 men and women on the ground help the Allies win the Battle of Britain - a campaign fought in the skies?

Nazi Gold

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As well as territory, the Nazis plundered a vast hoard of riches during WWII, from priceless art to personal assets. Hear about their loot in this epic war retrospective.

Secret Weapons of the Third Reich

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The definitive war retrospective. Hear how during WWII, obtaining top secret plans for rockets, jets and missiles became a priority for both sides.

Sitzkrieg: The Phoney War

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A comprehensive guide to 20th-century conflict. Learn more about 'Sitzkrieg', a sham battle between Britain and Germany during the first months of WWII.

Battle of the Atlantic

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Charlton Heston narrates this exhaustive account of World War II. How the Allies conquered the threat of the German U-boats wreaking havoc in the Atlantic.

Weapons of the Shadow War

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Ex-serviceman and film icon Charlton Heston guides us through modern warfare. Discover the tools of espionage used by the Allies and the Axis in WWII.

Women Spies in World War II

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Learn about the hidden secrets of war, right from WWI to recent events in the Gulf. A closer analysis of the crucial role of women during World War II.
November 2017

German Intelligence in World War II

Expired 3.0 13 x
Epic war retrospective narrated by movie legend Charlton Heston. Hear about the infighting amongst the Abwehr, the SS and the Gestapo during WWII.