Shane The Chef

November 2019

45. Peekamoo!

4.0 0 x
Shane tries to hide a cow to give to Maggie as a surprise.

44. No Go Kart

4.0 0 x
JG learns that simple is best in a go-kart race.

43. Going Hazelnuts

4.0 0 x
Shane, Izzy and Mario go foraging for hazelnuts.

23. POP! Goes the Movie

3.0 0 x
JG's popcorn maker spoils Munchington's first pop-up cinema.

22. In the Pink

4.0 0 x
Shane agrees to referee a football match.

42. Salad from Outer Space

3.0 0 x
Jay and Mario think kohlrabi are mind-controlling aliens.

41. Cherry Tree Rescue

4.0 0 x
Shane, Sam, Sid and Mama Polenta get stuck up a cherry tree.

40. Truffle Kerfuffle

3.0 0 x
Shane and Sam Spratt go truffle hunting in the woods.

39. Recipe for Disaster

4.0 1 x
Jay and Mario lose a special recipe for aubergine parmigiana.

38. Potato Day

3.0 0 x
Shane helps Honey conquer her fear of speaking in public.
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