Shane The Chef

August 2020

Dancing Under the Stars

4.0 5 x
Shane learns the cha cha cha for the evening's Latin American dinner dance. But when the town hall roof collapses, he has to improvise to save the night.

Vegetables Ahoy

3.0 5 x
When Sam Spratt mixes up the box of ice with the box of veg, Shane and Izzy have to flag him back to shore in order to save Shane's dish of the day.

Mama Polenta's Date Night

4.0 5 x
It's Mama Polenta and Alf's wedding anniversary and Shane has offered to cook curry and rice, Alf's favourite! But Mario's pet hamster has chewed his way through the rice and Alf isn't sure that he can make it home in time...

Cook Off

4.0 2 x
Mama Polenta and Sam Spratt agree to a cook-off to determine who makes the best pasta sauce. But it's Izzy and her home-grown basil sauce that wins the day.
July 2020


3.0 3 x
Penny Singh is expecting an important art critic at her art exhibition, but Mario accidentally ruins everyone's self-portraits. Shane gives the children lots of chopped vegetables to make new self-portraits on a pizza, but will they impress the critic?

Drone Zone

4.0 4 x
Shane is helping Maggie pick asparagus, but a pesky crow is helping itself to the fresh young shoots too. When JG's new drone spins out of control and heads straight for the farm. Shane realises that it will make an excellent bird-scarer...

Izzy's Marvellous Marrow

3.0 1 x
It's the county show, and Izzy is determined to win the large vegetable competition by growing the biggest marrow. But when a disaster in the kitchen means that Shane hasn't enough vegetable stew for everyone, Izzy gives up her chance of winning to save the day.

Run For It

4.0 3 x
Shane agrees to take part in a sponsored run to raise money for a donkey sanctuary. But with Sid Singh in charge of his training, Shane finds himself on early morning runs and only allowed food that will give him energy...

Nature Trail Trouble

3.0 4 x
While Shane is making blackberry smoothies, an accident causes his smoothie mix to go everywhere. He needs more blackberries and Izzy needs help with her nature watch homework, so he takes her out into the countryside where he can pick more blackberries as well. But while Izzy is spotting all the animals on her list, Shane...

POP! Goes the Movie

4.0 4 x
When JG's popcorn maker ruins the kids' favourite film in Munchington's first pop-up cinema, it is up to the kids to remember enough of the film to save the day. As for Shane, he has to save the movie snacks.
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