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Shane The Chef

Shane trains for a run to raise money for a donkey sanctuary.

Series 1
Shane's new soup is so popular they run out of ingredients.
Shane helps Honey with speaking in public when she has to make a school speech.
Penny helps Izzy overcome her fear of bees.
Sid asks Shane to hide a bouquet of flowers for Penny.
Maggie is determined to make her own bread by getting the windmill working again - but JG's drone soon puts a spanner in the works...
Shane is inspired by the jewel-like qualities of the pomegranate to put on a glamorous dinner menu. Maggie borrows Mama's Polenta's necklace for the occasion, but where has it gone?
The whole of Munchington seems to be going down with a cold! When Mama Polenta's attempts to cure Shane fail, Izzy's finds that her mum's recipe for chicken soup with garlic soon has them all back on their feet.
The launch of Maggie's new BBQ is in jeopardy after the kids get trapped in Maggie's shed and Eddy snatches Shane's homemade burgers. But when Shane rescues the kids, he solves the mystery of what Maggie does with Mama Polenta's leftover coffee grounds and finds an alternative ingredient to make some delicious meat-free bu...
Shane is planning a Hawaiian Calypso Chicken Luau dinner, which means chasing after Alf for the key ingredient - coconuts. Then coconuts come in useful again when Sid's band are unable to attend the event. Sid is nervous about performing calypso on his own, so JG makes him some instruments from the coconut shells.
Shane and Izzy volunteer to babysit Bea for Penny Singh, but discover that it isn't as easy as they thought. Bea just won't stop crying! Nothing they do seems to work, until Shane discovers that flipping pancakes makes Bea laugh and that banana is the perfect pancake filling for a baby.
It's Halloween, and the townsfolk are decorating the restaurant with bunting and pumpkin lanterns. Shane leaves instructions with Izzy to make the pumpkin soup, and goes camping in the woods with JG. However, the woods at night are spooky and they are glad when everyone arrives with the lanterns and the soup to bring the p...
It's Mama Polenta and Alf's wedding anniversary and Shane has offered to cook curry and rice, Alf's favourite! But Mario's pet hamster has chewed his way through the rice and Alf isn't sure that he can make it home in time...
Izzy misses her mum, so Maggie takes her out for the day to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Shane offers to do Maggie's chores on the farm - but he soon finds that it's not that easy. It's only when Sam and Mama Polenta help that he can finally return to the restaurant to cook Izzy's favourite meal, stuffed red peppers. It remind...
Honey and Izzy decide to hold a food festival for a school project. But when Honey tries to take over Izzy's allotted tasks, she forgets one of her own and no one turns up for Shane's pak choi demonstration, teaching her a lesson about teamwork.
Shane is trying a new breakfast menu but Maggie's hens have gone missing, leaving him with no eggs.
When JG's popcorn maker ruins the kids' favourite film in Munchington's first pop-up cinema, it is up to the kids to remember enough of the film to save the day. As for Shane, he has to save the movie snacks.
It looks as though fish fingers are off the menu when Penny ruins Shane's breadcrumb mix - until she accidentally crushes Mario's cornflake supply and Shane thinks up a clever use for them.
Shane gets trapped in the lighthouse lift and can't finish making his spicy autumn stew for the evening menu in the restaurant. He phones Izzy and talks her through what to do for the main dish and for a delicious dessert using her windfall apples.
Shane tries to break the world record for the biggest sandwich ever made, but discovers that speed is the key to breaking a record.