Shimmer And Shine

August 2020

Adara's Bracelets

3.0 65 x
Shimmer, Shine, and Leah must help Adara when Zeta uses a potion to control the Princess's bracelets from afar.

Sneaky Squeaky Chicken

3.0 51 x
When a potion brings Nazboo's squeaky chicken to life, Zeta tries to use the tricky toy to help her take over Zahramay Falls.

Sneakey Switcheroo

3.0 24 x
When Samira sends the girls out on a fun quest, Zeta tricks them into finding a bunch of magical items for her instead.

Zeta's Sister

4.0 13 x
When Zeta's sister comes to visit, Zeta is shocked to discover that her once sorcerific sister is now a genie.
May 2020

The Gem Hunt

4.0 38 x
Zeta tries to stop the kids from finding her secret lair when she sees them hunting for gems in the area.

Buddies In A Bottle

3.0 68 x
Zeta and Zac get trapped inside a magic bottle and must find a way out before all their friends get sucked inside too!
March 2020

11. Par-Tea Time

3.0 16 x
The girls go looking for a Zahramay tea flower.

10. Oceans Collide

4.7 129 x
Zeta takes some of Princess Ula's powerful gems.

9. The Zahracorn Salon

4.0 18 x
The girls take Princess Adara's pet zahracorn to the salon.

8. Zahracorn Tickles

4.0 8 x
8. Zahracorn Tickles of the TV-show Shimmer And Shine was broadcast by Channel 5 on Saturday 7 March 2020 at 11:40.