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Episode 15

After weeks of battling, the Tigers and Sharks are about to face a final emotional beach party, and find out who will be the winner of Shipwrecked 2019

February 2019

Episode 14

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Recovering from the beach party, both tribes work hard to make their island the most desirable. There's life drawing, backflips, trust games, spas and snogs.

Episode 13

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The new arrivals are spending a third night with one of the tribes. But it's not long until they spot a raised tribal flag, and a huge bombshell is dropped.

Episode 12

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It's Tribal Challenge Week in the competition and, in a massive Shipwrecked shocker, there are five new arrivals for the Tigers and Sharks to woo

Episode 11

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After the beach party, battle lines are temporarily dropped between the tribes. But there's little time to reflect as it's the start of Tribal Challenge Week.

Episode 10

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Duel Week continues - but this time there's only one new arrival. At the beach party there's another twist in store for the tribes.

Episode 9

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The Shark spies return from Tiger Island with worrying news that causes friction. Two new arrivals land on Tiger Island, putting Liv's patience to the test.

Episode 8

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One of the Sharks takes a shine to a newbie during a round of beer pong. And two sneaky Sharks make a secret trip across the lagoon.

Episode 7

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The Sharks and Tigers welcome new arrivals to paradise. Duel Week continues at the beach party with a tense game of 'Show Us Yer Clam'.

Episode 6

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It's a new week in paradise as the ultimate popularity contest continues in the South Pacific. Over on Tiger Island, things are heating up between two members.

Episode 5

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The Tigers are still reeling from last night's party as they make ready to go head-to-head in their first ever tribal challenge
January 2019

Episode 4

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The Tigers have a mole in their midst. And the beach party is full of drama as the islanders are given the chance to swap teams.

Episode 3

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The Sharks are worried that one of their tribe is falling for a rival

Episode 2

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The Tigers and Sharks wake up on their respective islands and thoughts soon turn to how they can convince the new arrivals to join their tribes

Episode 1

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The new arrivals are joined by a ninth islander, who swaggers into camp carrying a crate of booze just in time for their first island party. But is he a force for good?