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Ella has dreams of winning gold at the Deaflympics, but school life and a rival swimmer are making her life miserable. Can she rediscover her inner champion to win the big swim race?

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Will Jag choose to fit in with his mates and cut his hair, or step up and wear a turban?
Football-loving Fatema is stuck in a hospital waiting room with her dad, who can’t speak English. Does helping him mean missing the biggest game of her life?
Arthur and Lily appear to be complete opposites. Arthur has hated reading ever since Lily corrected and embarrassed him while he was reading to the class, while Lily loves reading and longs for a dog.
Dayna’s older brother Miles has a new girlfriend, Vanessa, who is yet to run to the hills! As a gift, Dayna makes a detailed video for Vanessa outlining all of Miles’s many flaws.
Embarrassed by her classmates’ distaste for her homemade lunch, a young British-Chinese girl attempts to win them over with an epic tale.
Bernie and Jamal are best friends and have spent their childhoods immersed in their shared love of comics and video games. Then both decide to run for vice-president of Maths Club.