Stacey Dooley in the USA


January 2, 2018

4.0 11 x
January 2, 2018 of the TV-show Stacey Dooley in the USA was broadcast by BBC1 on Tuesday 2 January 2018 at 6:08.
Episodes 2015

November 30, 2015

Expired 3.0 71 x
November 30, 2015 of the TV-show Stacey Dooley in the USA was broadcast by BBC3 on Monday 30 November 2015 at 21:00.

June 18, 2015

Expired 3.0 57 x
Stacey Dooley travels to Detroit to find out how homeless people are managing to survive in a bankrupt city that has around 70,000 abandoned buildings and is struggling to support its population.
Episodes 2014

Series 2: 3. Kids in the Crossfire

4.0 58 x
Stacey Dooley travels to Chicago, the murder capital of the US, where almost half of those killed in 2013 were under 25. She meets the Hardman family, struggling to come to terms with the murder of their 19-year-old daughter Ashley, killed in the crossfire of a gang shooting. In a prison boot camp for young offenders, Stacey gets to know David. He's been in prison four times already and he's just 19. He got his first gun at 14. can he really turn his back on the gang lifestyle?

Series 2: 1. Giving Up My Baby

3.0 40 x
Stacey Dooley travels to America to explore the bittersweet world of open adoption. The majority of private adoptions in America are 'open', and encourage birth parents to pick the adoptive parents themselves and to stay in touch with their child as they grow up.
Episodes 2013

September 24, 2013

3.0 41 x
Stacey Dooley meets the girls at 'Shock' - the only US prison boot camp for women.(R)

3. Border Wars

3.0 116 x
Stacey meets the young Mexicans prepared to risk their lives to follow the American dream.

2. Gay to Straight

3.0 99 x
Stacey Dooley meets young gay American men going through 'gay conversion therapy'.
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