Sunny Bunnies

March 2019

15. Knight Tournament

4.0 1 x
A cursed knight's helmet makes Big Boo angry and pugnacious.

5. Time Machine

4.0 0 x
Turbo finds an antique alarm clock that can control the time.

13. Let's Go for a Ride!

3.0 0 x
The Sunny Bunnies must decide how to spend their one coin.

4. Speedy Boots

3.0 6 x
Big Boo puts on a pair of boots that seem to be unstoppable.

12. Catch Me!

4.0 0 x
The Bunnies try to get rid of a balloon stuck to their hair.

3. How to Make a Friend Laugh

3.0 0 x
3. How to Make a Friend Laugh of the TV-show Sunny Bunnies was broadcast by Channel 5 on Sunday 10 March 2019 at 7:15.

11. Who Is There?

3.0 0 x
Magic doors make an ice-cream chase even more eventful!

2. Golden Golf Club

3.0 1 x
The Sunny Bunnies show Turbo how to play golf.

10. Birthday

4.0 0 x
Shiny ends up high in the sky with her birthday balloons.

1. The Trick in the Hat

4.0 1 x
The Bunnies try out a new Wild West-themed area in the park.
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