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Sunny Bunnies

There's hubble, bubble, fun and trouble, as Iris and Shiny brew up a cauldron of magic potion that transforms Hopper, Turbo and Big Boo.

Series 2
The Sunny Bunnies must master footballing skills if they are to win the big trophy cup to put a giant ice cream in.
When Hopper finds a magic mirror in the park playground, a duplicate Hopper jumps out each time that he bumps into it.
When Turbo picks up the largest, most mouthwatering cake at the park café, his envious friends each try to grab it for themselves.
The Sunny Bunnies descend on an outdoor basketball court and have lots of fun trying to get the balls into the net.
Series 1
The Sunny Bunnies are having fun creating amazing shapes with their bubble mixtures. However, Big Boo seems to be allergic to bubbles.
Turbo volunteers to be the umpire while the other Sunny Bunnies learn to play tennis. He soon regrets his decision.
After the Sunny Bunnies find a magic flower that makes wishes come true, Hopper discovers that playing alone is not that much fun.
The Sunny Bunnies have to agree on what to do when there is only one coin and lots of ways to spend it.
Series 5
The Bunnies visit a natural history museum full of things they find interesting, including a dinosaur.
Sunny Bunnies are busy doing their own things. All apart restless Hopper, who is trying to get his friends to play a game of frisbee with him.
Sunny Bunnies colour pictures in a book with magic pencils and the images become alive, and then they find out what happens if they colour in the whole book.
Turbo just wants to be left in peace, but the other bunnies want to play football.
Sunny Bunnies get ready for Turbo's birthday, and even though the party didn't start as planned, it still was a great day.
The Sunny Bunnies come across an old cave and investigate when they hear a noise to find out if someone is inside or if it's just an echo.
The Sunny Bunnies can't do two things at once despite being very fast, so the Sunny Bunnies have a special clock which makes a loud sound when it's time to play, study, eat or sleep. But not all the Bunnies follow the routine.
The Sunny Bunnies find a magic book which can give you whatever you want. What will happen next? Will their dreams come true after all?
The Sunny Bunnies play pranks on their friends all day! But they'll have to watch out, as their friends are just as likely to prank them back.
Shiny and Iris have their hearts set on becoming hair stylists, but they constantly get interrupted by their laughing friends - resulting in some very interesting looking hairstyles.
Hopper and Boo are the best at hitting a target. However, who is the better of the two and who is going to win the main prize: a very cool racing bicycle?