Superfoods: The Real Story

March 2018

Series 3 Episode 8 Watercress, Onions, Mangoes

4.0 24 x
Kate goes to the limit with watercress on a trip to Ireland. Also, she asks do onions cure gout and might mangoes help fight cancer?

Series 3 Episode 7 Baobab, Pollen & Prunes

3.0 35 x
Kate travels to South Africa, to see if the baobab tree might help with diabetes. There's also a look at bee pollen and experiments with prunes at zero gravity.
February 2018

Series 3 Episode 6 Peanut Butter, Oyster & Peas

4.5 15 x
Kate visits Ghana, to find out if peanut butter is a life saver. Also, do oysters sweeten the mood and have we underestimated the pea as a foodstuff?

Series 3 Episode 5 Macqui Berry, Oats & Offal

4.0 14 x
Kate visits Chile to see if the mysterious macqui berry could be a dieter's dream come true. There's also superoats and the heart. And is offal really that awful?

Series 3 Episode 4 Ginger, Raw Milk & Nuts

4.5 29 x
Kate tests if ginger helps with nausea. Is raw milk a safe option for childhood allergies? And are nuts the key to a stress-free life?

Series 3 Episode 3 Snails, Olive Oil and the New Kale

3.5 52 x
Kate Quilton is in Chile, looking at the medical miracles of snails. In Ghana, she examines a local rival to kale. And could olive oil be the answer to Alzheimer's?

Series 3 Episode 2 Turmeric, Jelly & Eggs

4.0 61 x
Kate's in India to find out if turmeric helped her recovery from a serious back injury. She also discovers if jelly could be paving the way to better bones, and if eggs really are good for your eyes.

Series 3 Episode 1 Pepper, Sauerkraut & White Wine

4.0 43 x
Kate travels to India and Norway, as she looks at the benefits of pepper, white wine and sauerkraut
November 2016

Episode 4

3.0 13 x
Can fermented milk drink kefir help keep digestive disease at bay? Is omega-3 rich oily fish a must-eat for heart health? And can wheatgrass oxygenate our blood?
October 2016

Episode 3

3.0 11 x
Can broccoli help fight cancer? Is quinoa better than rice? And should we be adding a type of algae, spirulina, to our diets?