April 2019

16. Viceroy

1.5 32 x
The team must stop Ramsey without Hart, who is in a coma.

15. Render

3.0 23 x
15. Render of the TV-show Taken was broadcast by 5USA on Thursday 11 April 2019 at 23:00.

14. Carapace

4.0 10 x
Bryan must protect his cousin from a crime syndicate.
March 2019

13. ACGT

4.0 7 x
A CIA analyst's son is abducted from his bed at night.

12. Imperium

3.0 16 x
The CIA asks the team to take down a notorious arms dealer.

11. Password

3.0 10 x
A bomb goes off in an office in Washington.

10. All About Eve

3.0 8 x
The team are called in after a theft at the World Seed Bank.
February 2019

9. Verum Nocet

3.0 15 x
The team must wrest a rogue journalist from a London embassy.

8. Strelochnik

3.0 16 x
Hart sets out alone on personal quest for vengeance.

7. Invitation Only

3.0 23 x
Bryan and Santana must extract a nuclear physicist.
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