The Aliens

April 2016

Episode 6

Expired 3.0 30 x
With gang war raging, Troy is put into lockdown. Lewis realises that he's got to bring the conflict to an end, but in order to do so a sacrifice must be made.

Episode 5

3.0 32 x
Dominic is forced to become a hitman, while Lewis is blaming himself for what happened to Truss. In Troy the gang war between Antoine and Fabien is escalating.
March 2016

Episode 4

3.0 17 x
Truss follows Lewis to Troy, where he discovers that Lewis is half alien, but the Alien League spots Truss, which puts him in grave danger

Episode 3

3.0 28 x
Lilyhot tries to persuade Antoine to start a gang war with Fabien, but he isn't interested and quickly sees Lilyhot's ulterior motive to take over the city

Episode 2

3.0 35 x
When Lilyhot reveals to Lewis that his real alien father is in prison, Lewis agrees to help break him out, but he ends up wondering if it was really such a smart idea

Episode 1

3.0 45 x
Lewis is a border guard at the checkpoint that patrols the wall, but after a chance encounter with mysterious alien Lilyhot his life is thrown into turmoil