The Beauty Of Diagrams

June 2020

6. Pioneer Plaque

4.0 11 x
Marcus du Sautoy explores the story behind the Pioneer Plaque, a diagram on board a space probe which would reveal facts about the Earth to extra-terrestrial life.

3. Newton's Prism

4.0 12 x
Marcus du Sautoy tells the story behind Isaac Newton's diagram of a prism which demonstrated that white light is not pure, but made up of different colours.

2. Copernicus

3.0 7 x
Marcus du Sautoy tells the story behind Copernicus's diagram of a sun-centred universe, for which the Polish astronomer risked derision and accusations of heresy.

1. Vitruvian Man

4.0 6 x
The story behind Leonardo da Vinci's diagram of the perfect human body, which synthesises his passions for anatomy, the mechanics of the human body and geometry.
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