The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop


3. The Colonel's Future

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KFC has a global turnover of 23 billion dollars a year, and a billion of that comes from the UK alone. Fast food is very big business and 85 per cent of Brits indulge in it at least once a month, but the competition is fierce. In this episode, the future of the KFC UK brand is put under the microscope.

2. The Colonel's Workers

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Two thirds of KFC's UK workforce of 24,000 are aged under 25. For some it's their first job after school, for others it's part-time work to see them through college or a chosen career path to aim for the top. But what is it really like to work inside a giant fast food chain like KFC?

1. The Colonel's Chicken

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Valued at over £4 billion a year, the fast food industry is big business and even bigger controversy. With its globally recognised but fiercely protected recipe for fried chicken, KFC is one of the brands that has divided public opinion. Love it or hate it, the fact is that very little is known about what goes on behind th...
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