The Chronicles Of Erne

August 2020

Series 1: 4. Winter

3.5 6 x
Erne’s river people are enjoying the tranquil winter stillness that has descended on the lough. Migratory wild fowl have arrived and European eels begin their journey to the sea.

Series 1: 3. Autumn

4.0 8 x
The woodlands are a riot of colour, on the lough fisherman dream of prize-winning pike and the mountain's underground rivers cascade through spectacular caves.

Series 1: 2. Summer

4.0 7 x
It’s a busy time on the Erne, but away from the buzz of summer visitors, curlews are hatching and trout are feeding on flies.

Series 1: 1. Spring

3.0 8 x
The series starts with spring. As new life appears, preparations begin in earnest for summer and out on the lower lough, there’s a search for sunken war planes.
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