The Cimarron Strip

December 2016

Fool's Gold

3.0 25 x
A gang leader escapes from jail and seeks vengeance.

The Blue Moon Train

4.0 21 x
Marshal Crown assists in the rescue of some prisoners.

Knife In The Darkness

3.0 10 x
In dense fog, Marshal Crown must find a killer knifeman.

Without Honor

3.0 8 x
Marshal Crown tries to help Major Covington capture his son.

The Last Wolf

4.0 21 x
A band of desperate wolf hunters kill cattle for sustenance.
November 2016

The Judgement

4.0 10 x
A vindictive judge releases some troublesome prisoners.


3.0 12 x
Marshal Crown is shot while out pursuing outlaws.

The Greeners

4.0 8 x
Two old-timers are lynched after straying onto ranch land.

Big Jessie

3.0 21 x
Marshal Crown is attacked and his badge and ID taken.

The Deputy

3.0 10 x
Marshal Crown hires a gunslinger, unaware he is a criminal.