The Circle

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 21 - Series 3 Episode 21

4.5 11 x
The players' true identities are finally revealed at a tense dinner, and Emma Willis crowns the winner of The Circle. (S3 Ep21/21)

Series 3, Episode 20 - Series 3 Episode 20

3.0 11 x
All the latest drama from the game. Tensions rise between two players, and a sole Influencer must block the final person from The Circle... face to face. (S3 Ep20/21)

Series 3, Episode 19 - Series 3 Episode 19

4.0 3 x
All the latest drama from the game. The players have winning on their minds, as the final is almost in their sights. And strategies and gameplay get taken to the next level. (S3 Ep19/21)

Series 3, Episode 18 - Series 3 Episode 18

3.0 9 x
All the latest drama from the game. The truth comes out in a game of 'Ask me Anything' and a relationship is tested, as the two Influencers make a tough decision. (S3 Ep18/21)

Series 3, Episode 17 - Series 3 Episode 17

4.0 13 x
All the latest drama from the game where anyone can be anyone. Two new players join The Circle, on a mission to stir things up. (S3 Ep17/21)

Series 3, Episode 16 - Series 3 Episode 16

4.0 5 x
All the latest drama from the game. A player comes clean about their true thoughts during a game, and a shock twist means the Influencers are faced with a huge dilemma. (S3 Ep16/21)

Series 3, Episode 15 - Series 3 Episode 15

4.0 6 x
All the latest drama from the game. Tensions are high and cracks begin to form. Players are treated to a game of bingo, and someone has a cunning plan... (S3 Ep15/21)

Series 3, Episode 14 - Series 3 Episode 14

4.0 1 x
All the latest drama from the game. It's all change after a game makes everyone reconsider their allegiances. And it's ratings time, as one more player is blocked. (S3 Ep14/21)

Series 3, Episode 13 - Series 3 Episode 13

4.0 8 x
A shock block leads to a tense meet. Meanwhile, one catfish feels the guilt as they take their relationship with another player to the next level. (S3 Ep13/21)

Series 3, Episode 12 - Series 3 Episode 12

4.0 5 x
One player ups their game plan, the new players pick an Influencer and it's the toughest Influencer chat yet, as the players decide where their allegiances lie... (S3 Ep12/21)