The Closer

November 2012

Series 7 Episode 21

3.0 83 x
A young street hustler sees what appears to be a man burying a woman's body in a park, and the police soon find more bodies…
October 2012

Series 7 Episode 20

3.0 62 x
A young couple spending time in an empty house that doesn't belong to them find themselves in trouble when a security guard who…

Series 7 Episode 19

3.0 64 x
A priest who teaches at an elementary school is found murdered, and when the squad investigate they find a disturbing number of…

Series 7 Episode 18

3.0 32 x
A respected cancer doctor is beaten and strangled to death in his surgery, and the drugs used to treat his patients are stolen.

Series 7 Episode 17

3.0 40 x
When Provenza's ex-wife Liz gets a poor deal at a shady cash-for-gold shop, he and Flynn are persuaded to help her recover her…
September 2012

Series 7 Episode 16

3.0 33 x
Brenda clashes with her long-time adversary, defence lawyer Philip Stroh (guest star Billy Burke), whom she suspects of being…

Series 7 Episode 15

3.0 124 x
When another murder is connected to the Baylor case, the federal lawsuit against Brenda begins to come to a head.

Series 7 Episode 14

3.0 55 x
When a young motorcyclist is killed in a hit-and-run incident, Major Crimes launches a murder investigation.
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