The Day Henry Met


A Camera

3.0 11 x
Henry meets a camera, who is down in the dumps because he thinks that his photographs are boring. He wants to photograph something that no one else has. Henry helps him look for something special, and in the end they find the Loch Ness Monster, who just loves having her photo taken!

A Toothbrush

4.0 8 x
Henry meets a friendly toothbrush in the bathroom. Henry's first tooth falls out and he can't wait until the tooth fairy comes. But the tooth fairy has eaten sweets and has a toothache! So Henry becomes the tooth fairy and learns all about dental hygiene!

A Cauldron

4.0 9 x
A cauldron in Henry's house tells him that he wishes he could make spells instead of just carrying sweets. So Henry becomes a wizard and helps Cauldron prepare a magic spell... Shazam! A magical Halloween party appears!

6. A Truck

4.0 6 x
Henry helps an old tow truck enter a Monster Truck race.

4. An Ice Cream Van

3.0 2 x
Henry meets an ice cream van on the hottest day of the year.

3. A Golf Ball

3.0 4 x
Henry meets a Golf Ball on the crazy golf course.
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10. Some Broccoli

3.0 29 x
Henry meets Broccoli who has been put in charge of the shop.

9. A Skateboard

4.0 10 x
Henry meets a skateboard at a skate park.

8. A Tennis Racket

3.0 6 x
Henry helps Tennis Racket play in a real championship match.

7. A Telescope

4.0 2 x
Telescope has discovered a new constellation!