The Day Henry Met

September 2019

6. A Truck

3.0 0 x
Henry helps an old tow truck enter a Monster Truck race.

5. A Dinosaur Bone

4.0 0 x
Henry goes back in time to find a T-rex egg for the museum.

4. An Ice Cream Van

3.0 0 x
Henry meets an ice cream van on the hottest day of the year.

3. A Golf Ball

3.0 0 x
Henry meets a Golf Ball on the crazy golf course.

2. A Comic

4.0 1 x
Henry meets a comic book whose last few pages are missing.
August 2019

1. A Sock

3.0 0 x
Left Sock's best friend Right Sock has gone missing!
January 2019

26. The Day Henry Met... The Moon

4.0 2 x
After meeting the Moon, Henry the astronaut goes into Space.

25. The Day Henry Met... A Cake

4.0 5 x
When Birthday Cake isn't big enough, Henry becomes a baker.

24. A Gorilla

3.0 2 x
Gorilla's neighbour is keeping him up all night.

23. A Mountain

4.0 3 x
Henry climbs Mountain to scratch its irritating itch.
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