The Day Henry Met

January 2019

26. The Day Henry Met... The Moon

4.0 2 x
After meeting the Moon, Henry the astronaut goes into Space.

25. The Day Henry Met... A Cake

4.0 4 x
When Birthday Cake isn't big enough, Henry becomes a baker.

24. A Gorilla

3.0 0 x
Gorilla's neighbour is keeping him up all night.

23. A Mountain

4.0 2 x
Henry climbs Mountain to scratch its irritating itch.

22. A Daffodil

4.0 2 x
Henry meets a daffodil and becomes a gardener for the day.

21. A Digger

3.0 2 x
Henry helps a friendly Digger build a house.
December 2018

20. A Fire Engine

4.0 1 x
Henry helps a Fire Engine to rescue a cat stuck in a tree.

19. A Rabbit

4.0 2 x
Henry helps a Rabbit who used to be a magician's assistant.

18. A Cow

4.0 4 x
Henry finds out where milk comes from and becomes a cowboy.

17. A Car

4.0 4 x
Henry helps an old Race Car to finish his first race.
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