The Diagnosis Detectives

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 4 - Carys and Andrew

4.0 60 x
A team of top doctors try to diagnose a man suffering multiple seizures every day and a young woman who has lived with a constant fever for nine years.

Series 1: 3. Hayley and Lotte

4.0 67 x
Michael Mosley challenges a team of doctors to diagnose one young woman struggling with dramatic weight gain and hair loss and another who has suddenly lost her sight in one eye.

Series 1: 2. Neil and Katie

4.0 90 x
Twelve medical experts race to diagnose a man with a life-threatening skin condition and a mother suffering a dramatic decline in health.

Series 1: 1. Paul & Judy

4.0 62 x
Twelve leading medical experts attempt to diagnose a man whose face has dramatically swollen and a woman who is sick whenever she tries to eat and is dramatically losing weight.