The First World War


10. War without End

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The final part explores the war's last months, the armistice and the Treaty of Versailles.

5. Shackled to a Corpse

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The war on the Eastern Front initiated many horrors of 20th-century warfare.

1. To Arms

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The war's pattern was set early by Austro-Hungarian atrocities against Serbian civilians.
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9. Germany's Last Gamble

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In March 1918, the Germans launched a massive offensive on the Western Front.

8. Revolution

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How governments, fearing unrest at home, set about fomenting revolution among the enemy.

7. Blockade

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The British responded to German submarines in the North Sea with a blockade of Europe.

6. Breaking the Deadlock

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This part covers the battle on the Western Front from 1915-17.

4. Jihad

3.0 14 x
The Ottoman Empire summoned Muslims to Jihad to overthrow Allied power in the Middle East.

3. Global War

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A look at the global implications of the war, particularly on the African continent.

2. Under the Eagle

3.0 14 x
The first months of the war on the Western Front were mobile, fast and dangerous.
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