The Good Fight

Series 4

Series 4, Episode 7 - Series 4 Episode 7

4.0 39 x
Brand new series - The Gang Discovers Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein: Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart are hired to investigate the death of high-profile New York inmate Jeffrey Epstein. (S4 Ep7)

Series 4, Episode 6 - Series 4 Episode 6

3.0 9 x
Brand new series - The Gang Offends Everyone: Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart represent an Olympic hopeful, edged out of the US women's team due to a change to the eligibility window. (S4 Ep6)

Series 4, Episode 5 - Series 4 Episode 5

4.0 2 x
Brand new series - The Gang Goes to War: Liz and Caleb work a case together, defending a soldier who's been court-martialled for sabotaging the weapon of his superior officer. (S4 Ep5)

Series 4, Episode 4 - Series 4 Episode 4

3.5 14 x
Brand new series - The Gang Is Satirized and Doesn't Like It: A former divorce client seeks the firm's help, claiming a new play running in Chicago is based on his divorce. (S4 Ep4)

Series 4, Episode 3 - Series 4 Episode 3

4.0 13 x
Brand new series - The Gang Gets a Call from HR: When DNC head Frank Landau asks for help to engage African-American voters, the discussion turns personal for one of the partners. (S4 Ep3)

Series 4, Episode 2 - Series 4 Episode 2

4.0 58 x
Brand new series - The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena: Diane meets a familiar face in court during a case against a real estate developer. Lucca gets a high-profile divorce case. (S4 Ep2)

Series 4, Episode 1 - Series 4 Episode 1

4.0 168 x
Brand new series - The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality: The fourth series starts with Diane finding herself living in an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is the president. (S4 Ep1)

Series 3 Episode 10 The One About the End of the World

Expired 3.0 39 x
Blum represents some of the firm's ex-clients who claim that they were overcharged. Lucca finds out she's a candidate for an open partner position. Meanwhile, Diane helps Kurt with a work project.

Series 3 Episode 9 The One Where the Sun Comes Out

Expired 4.0 13 x
The firm is asked by ChumHum to bring in a specialist to investigate any remaining misconduct. Diane queries the resistance group's tactics. Blum approaches Maia with an intriguing job offer.

Series 3 Episode 8 The One Where Kurt Saves Diane

Expired 4.0 21 x
Felix Staples returns with a case against ChumHum, bringing along a familiar face. Diane receives a mysterious note at home, leading Kurt to question what she's been up to. Lucca is shadowed at work.