The Legend of Dick and Dom

June 2014

Series Three: 10. Home

3.0 86 x
Children's sitcom. As the heroes get closer to home, the Beastmaster makes his final attack. Will Princes Dick and Dom fail in their quest once again?

Series Three: 9. The Cabbage Ball Secret

3.0 20 x
Children's sitcom. The cure has been stolen. Will the heroes be able to retrieve it and return it to Fyredor before it is destroyed?

Series Three: 8. The Cabbage Ball Run

3.0 25 x
Children's sitcom. Princes Dick and Dom must take part in the biggest race in Bottom World to escape the Beastmaster.

Series Three: 7. The Numbskulls of the Beast

3.0 58 x
Children's sitcom. The princes journey into the mind of the Beastmaster. What foul discoveries lie in wait?

Series Three: 6. Forget Me Nuts

3.0 47 x
Children's sitcom. In an ancient grove where very peculiar nuts grow, the heroes struggle to remember who they are or where they are headed.

Series Three: 5. Land of the Luvvies

3.0 23 x
Children's sitcom. A love of musical theatre threatens to infect Bottom World. Can the heroes high kick their way to freedom?

Series Three: 4. Valley of the Bigheads

3.0 61 x
Children's sitcom. Princes Dick and Dom are put to the test. Will they overcome the biggest brains in Bottom World?

Series Three: 3. The Magic Oblong

3.0 30 x
Children's sitcom. What dark secret does this mysterious wizard's society hide? Could this be the end of our heroes' fellowship?

Series Three: 2. The Loopy Tribe

3.0 17 x
Children's sitcom, in which daft Princes Dick and Dom embark upon a formidable quest. The princes encounter the daftest tribe in all of Bottom World. They think that Prince Dick is a god - and they want him to stay forever!
May 2014

Series Three: 1. Escape

3.0 32 x
Children's sitcom. Imprisoned by the evil Beastmaster, Princes Dick and Dom must escape with their cure before the kingdom of Fyredor is doomed forever.