The Living Planet

August 2014

12. New Worlds

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David Attenborough looks at the damage we are causing far away from our centres of population - to the oceans, the atmosphere and the tropical rainforests. And he suggests what should be done to safeguard the future of our living planet.

11. The Open Ocean

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David Attenborough explores the ocean, which covers 70 per cent of the Earth's surface. It contains extraordinary creatures like the leafy sea dragon, the narwhal, the 'unicorn of the sea', and the whale shark. It has kelp forests, coral reef jungles, the cold black permanent night of the deep sea and affects our oxygen an...

10. World's Apart

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David Attenborough explores the isolated islands which are a haven for ancient species as well as the cradle of new ones.

9. The Margins of the Land

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David Attenborough examines the borders between land and water, and the life that thrives there - from the sticky mud of an English estuary and its bird and insect life to the more numerous life in the tropical mangrove forests.
July 2014

8. Sweet Fresh Water

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David Attenborough follows the river Amazon from the Andes to the sea. The life in and around it changes as it flows on its four-thousand mile journey from cold torrents to a vast warm delta. There are similar changes in other rivers, producing such variety as torrent ducks, mayflies, hairy frogs, piranhas, giant otters, f...

7. The Sky Above

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High above Earth's surface David Attenborough floats weightless, showing that without gravity the world would be a chaotic place. Seen from space huge cloud patterns sweep across the globe. But some species like spiders, ski-diving frogs, gliding squirrels, birds and bats have overcome the force of gravity to fly through t...

6. The Baking Deserts

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David Attenborough visits the hottest and driest places on earth, which are home to some amazing animals, plants and desert-living people. In the Mojave desert he finds a plant that has been growing there for more than 10,000 years. When the rain eventually falls, dead plants move and disperse their seeds, and flowers put ...
April 2014

4. Jungle

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An exploration of the Amazon jungle, from the silk cotton tree to the dark forest floor.(R)

3. The Northern Forests

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David Attenborough explores the largest forest in the world.(R)
March 2014

2. The Frozen World

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David Attenborough explores the ways animals adapt to survive in regions of snow and ice.(R)
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