The Passenger


Episode 4 - Uranus

2.5 101 x
Pressure mounts on Anais to abandon her investigation into the link between the murders and the stock market manipulation. Mathias's search leads him to another of his identities: painter Narcisse.

Episode 3 - Icarus

3.0 20 x
In Marseille, Mathias is looking for his true identity among the homeless people who know him as Victor. He finds out about another murder related to Greek mythology, but Anais is hot on his heels.

Episode 2 - Prometheus

4.0 17 x
The body of a second man is found, tied by his hands to a burnt tree, echoing another Greek myth. But when the investigation points to a homeless man from Marseille, a shocked Mathias goes on the run.

Episode 1 - Minotaur

4.0 91 x
Captain Anais Chatelet investigates when the naked body of a man wearing a bull's head is found at a Bordeaux railway station. Later, a lost amnesiac is put in the care of psychiatrist Mathias Freire.