The Player

December 2016

9. Tell

4.0 11 x
9. Tell of the TV-show The Player was broadcast by Channel 5 on Friday 16 December 2016 at 21:00.

8. Downtown Odds

4.0 12 x
Alex intervenes to stop a full-scale war between two gangs.

7. A House Is Not a Home

4.0 11 x
Alex is sent to Chicago to stop an enraged bomber.
November 2016

6. The Norseman

3.0 9 x
Alex hunts a serial killer inspired by Norse mythology.

5. House Rules

3.0 9 x
A teenage tech genius hacks the Pentagon.

4. The Big Blind

4.0 13 x
Alex is hired to protect a mobster and his wife.

3. L.A. Takedown

4.0 14 x
Alex and Cassandra travel to Mexico and LA to stop a sniper.
October 2016

2. Ante Up

4.0 23 x
The House pits Kane against a violent gang of hijackers.

1. Pilot

4.0 16 x
A former FBI agent is hired to prevent predicted crimes.
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