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The Real Housewives of DC

Reality series. The ladies reunite and tempers flare after some shocking revelations. The group also doubts Michaele's claims that she has multiple sclerosis.

December 2012
Reality series. In the second part of the reunion, the ladies finally seek closure to the events of the series.
Reality series. Michaele and Tareq attend a White House state dinner, resulting in controversy for the couple. Lynda prepares to debut her fashion line.
In the last of the series, the ladies are forced to deal with the aftermath of Michaele and Tareq's gatecrashing of the White House state dinner.
Reality series. Michaele asks Stacie for help in finding a home. Stacie searches for her biological father. Tareq's family troubles take their toll on Michaele.
Cat shares the juiciest bits of her book with the housewives. During an evening of fun, a heated argument between Cat and Stacie's friend Erica ends in tears.
Cat feels that there's more going on with Michaele and Tareq than people realise. Michaele invites the ladies over to her winery for a grape stomp session.
Reality series. A peaceful day at the vineyard turns sour for Mary when Michaele and Tareq start to make devastating accusations about her daughter.
Michaele hosts a polo event with some high members of society, but Lynda is reluctant to attend due to old rivalries.
Reality series. Stacie's attempt to share her background with the other housewives runs into trouble as her dinner is ruined by one of the guests.
Michaele and Tareq bond with Stacie and her husband during a trip to Europe. Old dramas resurface at Mary's fashion dinner and threaten to ruin the occasion.