The Repair Shop: Fixing Britain

August 2020

Series 1: Episode 13

4.0 5 x
Jay Blades revisits three repairs - a watch, a swagger stick and a belt - that tell heroic stories from the Second World War that still resonate today.

Series 1: Episode 12

3.0 1 x
Jay Blades revisits three repairs – a polyphon, a gramophone and a transistor radio – to show how modern music has been influenced by vintage music players.

Series 1: Episode 11

3.0 10 x
With the help of archive, Jay Blades reveals how three inventions restored in the barn – a magic lantern, a projector and a mutoscope – influenced modern TV and film technology.

Series 1: Episode 10

4.0 11 x
Jay Blades explores the legacy of the First World War in the UK by delving deeper into three restorations: some bagpipes, a soldier’s wire cutters and two RAF mascots.
July 2020

Series 1: Episode 15

3.0 16 x
Jay Blades examines the evolution of modern transport through archive footage and three Repair Shop restorations: a penny-farthing bicycle, a tram seat and a speedometer.

Series 1: Episode 14

4.0 12 x
Jay Blades revists three repairs – a cash register, a camera and a calculator - to show how they helped shape the modern digital world we enjoy today.

Series 1: Episode 9

4.0 9 x
Jay Blades investigates the place of musical instruments in modern life by revisiting three barn repairs, including a bass owned by a member of Hot Chocolate.

Series 1: Episode 8

4.0 12 x
Jay Blades uses archive and three repairs – a centuries-old clock, a toy and a clocking on machine – to explore how the invention of clockwork continues to influence modern life

Series 1: Episode 7

4.0 13 x
Jay Blades delves into the UK’s maritime history through eye-opening archive and three memorable items from the Repair Shop: a ditty box, a teddy and a book of cuttings about Captain Scott.

Series 1: Episode 6

3.0 11 x
Jay Blades investigates the UK’s espionage history through eye-opening archive and three items restored in the barn, including a teapot linked to undercover operatives.
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