The Return of Sherlock Holmes


Episode 8: The Sign of Four

Expired 3.0 19 x
Holmes and Watson investigate a mystery for a woman who has been anonymously sent a large pearl on the same day for the last six years.
Episodes 2014

Episode 12: The Bruce Partington Plans

Expired 3.0 46 x
Holmes is perplexed by his brother's behaviour, until Mycroft reveals that a murder has a link with the theft of some vital and secret submarine plans.

Episode 11: Wisteria Lodge

Expired 3.0 25 x
Holmes investigates the strange goings-on at a forbidding house where several people have vanished mysteriously.

Episode 10: Silver Blaze

Expired 3.0 39 x
When the most remarkable racehorse in England goes missing and its trainer is murdered, Holmes gets on the case.

Episode 9: The Devil's Foot

Expired 3.0 16 x
When Holmes is forced to take a recuperative break, a murder soon gives him the chance to alleviate his boredom.

Episode 7: The Six Napoleons

Expired 3.0 21 x
Holmes becomes involved when several busts of Napoleon are smashed, and one of the incidents is connected with a murder.

Episode 6: The Man with the Twisted Lip

Expired 3.0 31 x
Holmes investigates the disappearance of a respectable city man who has been spotted in an opium den.

Episode 5: The Abbey Grange

Expired 3.0 25 x
Holmes is called to a manor house to investigate the murder of a country lord and to reconcile the story of his bruised and battered wife with the facts.

Episode 4: The Musgrave Ritual

Expired 3.0 31 x
Holmes is challenged to decipher the mystery of an obscure family document detailing an enigmatic ritual that may hold the key to a hidden treasure.

Episode 3: The Second Stain

Expired 3.0 25 x
When a letter is stolen from the home of the Secretary for European Affairs and Europe is threatened with catastrophe, Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate.
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