The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury


13. The Great Trainer Robbery

3.0 37 x
When Alistair's siblings steal his pocket money, he can't buy his dad a Father's Day gift.

12. Family Fortunes

2.0 31 x
It comes as a shock to Alistair when he discovers he comes from a long line of losers.

11. The M Factor

3.0 17 x
If Alistair's piano-playing wins a music prize, he might get a date with Pamela Whitby.

10. Alice in the Middle

3.0 20 x
William falls in love and his school work suffers, making Alistair the family brains.

9. Crazy Like a Frog

3.0 70 x
Alistair tries to hypnotise his siblings into being his slaves to prove they are crazy.
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