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The Secret Millionaire

Sixty-year-old dotcom millionaire Marcelle Speller made her fortune relatively late in life. She visits Plymouth, where 25% of the population live in deprivation, to find people to help.

May 2015
Secret Millionaire David Jamilly travels to Redcar on Teesside as the people of the town wait to discover the fate of Corus, the local steel plant that has been earmarked for partial mothballing
Fil Adams-Mercer puts his success down to a strong work ethic. He goes undercover to find people who might need his help in Doncaster, reassessing his opinions about unemployment along the way.
April 2015
Toy tycoon Richard North goes undercover in Cardiff to meet people who might find a positive use for his money and meets a man who helps him come to terms with a tragedy from his own life
Multi-millionaire Bradley Reback goes undercover in Brighton to find people he can help, visiting a homeless centre, a drop-in centre for the unemployed and other local projects
Tom Mairs, the son of a multi-millionaire, has become a millionaire in his own right. He leaves his home in the Wirral to go undercover in Bootle, one of the most deprived areas of Britain.
Thirty-year-old self-made multi-millionaire Mark Pearson goes undercover in Nottingham, where crime rates are twice the national average, to find people he can help
March 2015
Having made his fortune in London, Gordon McAlpine returns to his Scottish roots, going undercover in Glasgow's Govan, where the unemployment rate is twice the national average
Ex-Para and Falklands veteran Tony Banks returns to the tough streets of Liverpool to see how the people he first met there are getting on and how they benefited from the money he donated
Travel website entrepreneur and self-confessed geek Chris Brown confronts painful memories and undergoes a life-changing experience as he looks for people to help in north Manchester
Multi-millionaire Paul Ragan travels to Derby. From the age of five, Paul had to deal with his mother's schizophrenia. Now he wants to help people who devote their lives to caring for others.
February 2015
Multi-millionaire Dawn Gibbins goes undercover in one of the most deprived areas of south west England, looking for people who may need her help, before returning home a changed woman
Dawn Gibbins returns to inner-city Bristol a year after she went undercover as a Secret Millionaire. And this time her youngest…
May 2013
Sixty-year-old dotcom millionaire Marcelle Speller made her millions relatively late in life. She goes undercover in Plymouth…
Fil Adams-Mercer puts his success down to a strong work ethic. He goes undercover to find people who might need his help in…
Scrap metal tycoon Gary Eastwood returns to Blackpool to see if the £50,000 he donated eight months earlier is creating change…
Inventor Edward Douglas-Miller had a privileged start in life but suffered tragedy when one of his daughters died at two days…
Aria Taheri came to England from Iran when he was 17, leaving his family behind. He's since built up a multi-million-pound…
March 2013
At 24, world-famous poker player Andrew Feldman is the youngest ever secret millionaire. He goes undercover in Bradford where he…
Philip Johnston was given up for adoption when he was six weeks old. He goes undercover in Swansea, where there's been a 55%…