The Sex Clinic

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 2 - Series 2 Episode 2

4.5 128 x
Taps has ejaculation issues, Chloe wants advice on 'pegging', Tracy's concerned that she might be addicted to sex, Tom needs an STI test, and Jordan has a lump on his bum. (S2 Ep2)

Series 2, Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 1

4.5 98 x
Experts cut through taboos about sexual health and help people get their sex lives back on track. Marco's discovered a lump on his penis. Harriette has her dry vagina checked over. (S2 Ep1)

Series 2, Episode 3 - Series 2 Episode 3

4.3 54 x
Hugo, who rarely uses condoms, comes in for an STI test, Lonan, who's a virgin, wants advice ahead of his 'first time' and Esther wants the perfect vagina. (S2 Ep3)

Series 2 Episode 8

4.7 130 x
Brand new series: Sophie's worried she might've been put at risk, Johnnie and Liam need help in the bedroom, Cat needs an STI test and Matt needs help with premature ejaculation. (S2 Ep8)

Series 2 Episode 7

4.0 51 x
Brand new series: Sharif wants more confidence in the bedroom, Luke wants advice on safe sex during threesomes, Kamen needs an STI test, and Monique wants to discuss sex. (S2 Ep7)

Series 2 Episode 6

4.0 98 x
Brand new series: Louis needs a check-up after being a naughty boy, Becky wants advice on vaginal dryness, Connor wants a full sexual health MOT and Irfan wants advice on pegging. (S2 Ep6)

Series 2 Episode 5

4.0 43 x
Brand new series: Rae needs an STI test, Blessing wants advice about vaginal flatulence, Jack and Zofia need help maintaining their BDSM sex life and Daisie has unusual discharge. (S2 Ep5)

Series 2 Episode 4

4.0 69 x
Brand new series: Matt comes in for an STI test but gets more than he bargained for, Chloe's having painful sex, Nick needs an STI test and Drew's worried about discharge. (S2 Ep4)

Episode 6 Bipolar, Sex, STIs

4.5 147 x
Emily requests an STI test to make sure her hook-up isn't cheating. Leticia seeks advice on bipolar and sex. And a male stripper has a rash down below.

Episode 5 Tips for Bisexuals & Anal Douching

4.5 31 x
A stripper seeks a sexual health check-up. Newly bisexual Sophie needs tips on how to pleasure a woman. There's also advice on anal douching.