The Snow Spider


Series 1: 2. The Silver Ship

3.5 68 x
Gwyn investigates the identity of the pale girl in Arianwen’s web. Meanwhile, his magical powers are putting a strain on his relationships with Alun and his parents.

Series 1: 5. The Returns

4.5 91 x
With his Snow Spider safely returned, Gwyn ventures to battle Efnisien. However, unknown to him, Eirlys and Alun have followed him.

Series 1: 4. The Broken Horse

4.0 35 x
Gwyn searches desperately for his missing Snow Spider. However, when he releases the dreaded toy horse, a deadly storm falls on Pendewi, unleashing the monster of Mabinogion legend.

Series 1: 3. A Familiar Stranger

4.0 24 x
When the secret of Gwyn’s magic spills out, the school bullies are onto him. However, he finds an unlikely saviour in Pendewi’s new pupil, the mysterious Eirlys.

Series 1: 1. The Five Gifts

4.7 111 x
On his ninth birthday, Gwyn Griffiths is bestowed with five special gifts infused with ancient Welsh magic. But can magic help him find his sister Bethan?