The Truth About...


January 10, 2018

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January 10, 2018 of the TV-show The Truth About... was broadcast by BBC1 on Wednesday 10 January 2018 at 20:00.
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May 25, 2017

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May 25, 2017 of the TV-show The Truth About... was broadcast by BBC1 on Thursday 25 May 2017 at 21:00.

May 11, 2017

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We are one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world. In The Truth About Sleep, insomniac Michael Mosley finds out what happens if we don't get enough sleep and looks at surprising solutions to help us get more.

May 4, 2017

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May 4, 2017 of the TV-show The Truth About... was broadcast by BBC1 on Thursday 4 May 2017 at 21:00.
Episodes 2016

September 29, 2016

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Fresh or processed, white or red - how does meat measure up? It's been getting a lot of bad press recently with new links to cancer and heart disease. But 98 per cent of us in the UK are still meat eaters. Chris Bavin, a greengrocer by trade and a carnivore by nature, wants to know if he can keep meat in his diet and stay healthy.

June 13, 2016

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Fiona Phillips teams up with leading scientists to look at how to eat and drink to good health, and she uncovers some surprising truths. She reveals which cheap, everyday foods can give us all the benefits of so-called superfoods at a fraction of the price and why frying can be the healthiest way to cook. Fiona becomes a human guinea pig to test some of the top-selling health drinks and supplements. She investigates whether antioxidant smoothies really give us the healthy boost we think and dis...

June 6, 2016

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A&E doctor Javid Abdelmoneim is on a mission to find out the truth about alcohol.

June 2, 2016

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Angela Rippon investigates the disease that took her mother's life and is now starting to affect her friends. She undergoes a series of tests to discover if she has any early signs of the disease and makes the difficult decision about whether to take a genetic test that could predict her future risk. Along the way, Angela finds out some of the surprising ways people can help to protect themselves. She discovers why getting a good night's sleep could help prevent Alzheimer's and how learning a n...

February 14, 2016

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Fat has a reputation as public health enemy number one. But is it really the devil we think? Recent headlines suggest that we may have got it all wrong, and that fat may not be as bad as we've long believed.

January 24, 2016

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Journalist Fiona Phillips is on a mission to find out the truth behind the recent headlines on sugar.