The Undateables

Series 2019

Series 2019, Episode 1 - The Undateables at Christmas 2019

3.0 6 x
A festive show featuring much-loved familiar faces sharing their special plans for the most wonderful time of the year, including rock singer Dan and massive Leeds United fan Ray.

Series 11 Episode 5: Michael and Zena

4.7 89 x
Fine art student Michael expresses his emotions through his work, but there's one emotion he's yet to paint - love. And showgirl Zena is looking for someone to settle down with. (S11 Ep5)

Series 11 Episode 4: Charlotte, Richard, Alex and Sam

4.0 64 x
Charlotte's looking for her life partner, Richard is desperate to find Mrs Right, Alex is back to find that special someone, and Sam is happier than ever now that he's engaged. (S11 Ep4)

Series 11 Episode 3: Rory, Lily, Jordan and Nicholas

4.0 108 x
Rory is determined to find love again, Lily is on a mission to find the one, Jordan takes his girlfriend away on a surprise weekend, and Nicholas is back for his second date. (S11 Ep3)

Series 11 Episode 2: Sam, Jodie and Hannah

3.0 67 x
Sam, who's never had a date, is looking for love, Jodie wants someone to explore the world with, and Hannah, who plays ice hockey for Team GB, is searching for an action man. (S11 Ep2)

Series 11 Episode 1: Nicholas, Sam and Shantae

3.0 70 x
The award-winning dating show returns. Nicholas is struggling to find love, Robbie Williams superfan Sam is looking for his own 'angel' and Shantae wants a religious family guy. (S11 Ep1)

At Christmas 2019

Expired 3.0 57 x
A festive show featuring much loved familiar faces sharing their special plans for the most wonderful time of the year, including rock singer Dan, and massive Leeds fan Ray from London

Jamie, Luke & Lizzie

Expired 4.0 6 x
Jamie, who has Asperger's, has his first ever date. Luke, who's autistic, uses his language skills to impress Alice. And Lizzie, who has a learning disability, dreams of finding love.

Series 6 Episode 2 Eddie, Lily & Pani

Expired 3.3 7 x
Musician Eddie, who is autistic, meets Cassie for a date. Josh and Lily, who has Williams syndrome, go for a date at a haunted house. And Pani, who has dwarfism, meets Ellen.

Series 6 Episode 1 Sam, Kate & Ian

Expired 3.3 17 x
Postman Sam has Asperger's syndrome. Kate has narcolepsy. Ian is going blind. Can they find love?