The Undateables

June 2019

Series 10 Episode 5: Francesco, Feron & Alex

3.0 6 x
Featuring Japan aficionado Francesco, who's never been on a date, 54-year-old Feron, and Alex, who dresses loudly to stand out from the crowd. Will any of them find romance?
May 2019

Daniel & Rhys

4.0 0 x
Rock star Daniel's career has taken off, but his biggest hit has been finding love with Lily. And James Bond fan Rhys has joined a dating agency, hoping to find romance.

Series 10 Episode 3: Ray, Becky, Shaine & James

3.0 3 x
A catch up with some familiar faces, including Leeds fan Ray, photographer Becky, James, who's back dating, and poet Shaine, who marks two years with his girlfriend on a special trip to London

Series 10 Episode 2: Tom, Esther & Thomas

3.0 1 x
This episode features the romantic adventures of autistic film aficionado Tom, nurse Esther, who has a large birth mark on her face, and Thomas, a deaf Sports Science student

Series 10 Episode 1: Michael, Tobi & Emily

2.0 2 x
Michael is a poetry lover. Tobi is a bold dance teacher. Emily is a tennis player and fashionista. Can the three of them find romance?
February 2019

Series 8 Episode 2: Nisar, Daniel & Fatima

4.0 20 x
Trainee accountant and Bollywood fan Nisar has a stammer, grunge-lover Daniel has Asperger's and fashionista Fatmina has dwarfism
January 2019

A Festive Proposal

Expired 3.0 25 x
It's almost Christmas and some familiar faces have big plans. Lizzie and Joseph host their first festive party and Daniel has a special wish that only his girlfriend Lily can make come true.
October 2018

Series 9 Episode 4: Ray, Jason & Luke Revisit

Expired 4.0 38 x
The cameras catch-up with charity worker Ray, who's celebrates his first anniversary with Christine. And plane spotter Jason and Luke from Hull resume their search for The One.
September 2018

Series 9 Episode 3: Jordan, Paige & Sam

Expired 4.0 19 x
Three singletons go looking for love: personal trainer Jordan, who suffers from speech problems; vlogger Paige, who has cerebral palsy; and basketball player Sam from Shropshire

Series 9 Episode 2: Rory, Roland & Molly

Expired 4.0 18 x
Rory has Asperger's and hopes to meet a girl who shares his love of horror films. Roland wants a leading lady to serenade. And animal lover Molly seeks a soulmate.
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