The Windsors

August 2021

Series 3 Episode 5

4.0 4 x
The royal comedy continues as Kate worries she's boring and Anne invites David Beckham for a sleepover. Meghan's had enough - and will Beatrice and Eugenie cut ties with Fergie? (S3 Ep5/6)

Series 3 Episode 6

4.5 2 x
US President Donald Trump asks Charles and Camilla to be King and Queen of America. Harry hires Pippa as a nanny. Beatrice faces a big dilemma: who will walk her down the aisle? (S3 Ep6)

Series 3 Episode 3

4.0 0 x
The comedy royal soap opera returns. Charles vows to prove he's not a crank, and Meghan discovers that Kate has been replaced by a robot - but who is the real duchess? (S3 Ep3/6)

Series 3 Episode 4

4.0 1 x
The comedy royal soap continues as Charles officiates at the Church of Satan, Wills is tricked by his builder, and chalet girl Beatrice catches the eye of an eligible bachelor. (S3 Ep4/6)

Series 3 Episode 1

3.0 6 x
The comedy royal soap opera returns, starring Harry Enfield. The royal family are tasked with cheering up post-Brexit Britain. But Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew are on strike. (S3 Ep1/6)

Series 3 Episode 2

3.0 2 x
The comedy royal soap opera returns. When Charles and Camilla visit the Middletons, the simmering tensions threaten to turn violent, and Harry is in trouble with Meghan. (S3 Ep2/6)

Series 2 Episode 5

3.0 7 x
The comedy continues with the Royals now gathered at Balmoral, where Camilla's determined to exact revenge on Theresa May, and Pippa plans to end Meghan and Harry's relationship. (S2 Ep5/6)

Series 2 Episode 6

3.0 1 x
Will Charles become absolute monarch as the new Magna Carta decrees, and as Pippa's wedding day arrives, will Harry let her go through with it? (S2 Ep6/6)

Series 2 Episode 3

3.0 3 x
The comedy soap about the royals continues. Kate is reluctant to join a royal pheasant shoot, while Wills stumbles upon his father's identical twin brother Chuck in the attic. (S2 Ep3/6)

Series 2 Episode 4

3.0 1 x
The satirical comedy soap opera continues. Charles is in a new traditionalist town unveiling another statue of himself, while Kate runs into old flame Gypsy Ricky. (S2 Ep4/6)