The WotWots

January 2017

26. Slurpy Lurpy Lips

3.0 16 x
SpoytyWot goes looking for a friend to play ball with.

25. Wet Wots

4.0 4 x
The WotWots go looking for dinosaurs in the zoo.

24. Copy Copy Wotty

4.0 12 x
24. Copy Copy Wotty of the TV-show The WotWots was broadcast by Channel 5 on Thursday 5 January 2017 at 7:00.

23. Hot Wots

3.0 0 x
The WotWots discover how animals deal with cold conditions.

22. Tickle Toes

3.0 4 x
SpottyWot's toes itch but he can't reach them to scratch.

21. Go The Greens

4.0 6 x
DottyWot is determined to prove to SpottyWot that eating vegetables is very nutritious.
December 2016

20. Topsy Turvy Wotty

3.0 9 x
SpottyWot discovers somewhere that he can practise upside-down stunt flying.

19. Blinky Winky

3.0 3 x
SpottyWot is no match for his sister in a staring contest.

18. Creepalongy Wot

3.0 6 x
SpottyWot can't seem to sneak up on his sister, so he investigates camouflage.

17. Hichoppity Wot

3.0 12 x
DottyWot helps her brother deal with a case of the hiccups.
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