The Wright Way

May 2013

6. The Deadly Receptacle

3.0 26 x
Tensions run high for the Big Ballroom Night, and the team uncover a conspiracy.

5. Curbing the Kerb

3.0 10 x
Gerald and his team decide that kerbs are dangerous trip hazards.

4. Concealed Sharp Objects

3.0 23 x
Gerald clashes with the Mayor in his fervour to author his own iconic hazard warning.

3. Lethal Swing Back

3.0 16 x
There is a toilet roll thief at large at Baselricky Town Hall.
April 2013

2. Conkers Bonkers

3.0 13 x
Gerald and his Health and Safety team set out to prove that playing conkers is dangerous.

1. The Rogue Speed Bump

3.0 29 x
Gerald and his team identify an irregular speed bump on the streets of Baselricky.
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