This Way Up (Signed Version)

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This Way Up (Signed Version)
7 x

Episode 5

A text from her ex, Freddie, catches Aine by surprise. Later, a spontaneous night out with Bradley and his friends gives her the chance to let her hair down.

October 2019

Episode 6

16 x
Romance blooms between Aine and Richard, but she's caught off guard when she turns up unexpectedly to find another woman in his house. Vish proposes to Shona, but it doesn't exactly go to plan.

Episode 3

8 x
Aine and Richard's relationship gets complicated when she is inadvertently invited for dinner but leaves early after an awkward misunderstanding

Episode 4

9 x
Aine and Shona's mother is over from Ireland to visit Vish's family. Tensions are high, as Aine and her mother haven't spoken in months, while Shona feels stuck in the middle.

Episode 1

20 x
Aine is still putting on a brave face for her concerned sister Shona. But when Aine is dropped from a dinner party invitation, she calls an old friend from rehab, but things take an awkward turn.

Episode 2

10 x
Aine interviews for a private tutoring job teaching English to a young French boy, Etienne, who has recently lost his mother, but Aine is at risk of missing her first lesson and badly letting him down