Timber Kings

August 2018

Homes Sweet Homes

3.0 4 x
New. This episode takes a look at a collection of the Timber Kings most spectacular and unique finished homes and the challenges encountered building them.

All Shook Up

4.0 4 x
New. Joel builds an earthquake-proof home on Vancouver Island. Andre travels to Kamploops to construct a modern timber-frame home for his nephew.

Reach for the Sky

4.0 3 x
New. Peter and Bryan Sr defy gravity by erecting a 50-foot log teepee. Bryan Jr creates a bear-headed canoe from a single log - but will it float?

Giddy Up

3.0 4 x
New. Beat creates a western-style guesthouse for his cowboy-loving clients. Andre and Joel build an archway to rope in the tourists.

Smok'in Hot

4.0 5 x
New. Bryan Jr builds a deluxe log smoker for the family resort. Beat constructs the ultimate summer home. Joel converts his kids' playhouse into a mini man-cave.

Sink or Swim

4.0 5 x
New. Andre is on cue to deliver a pool table, until a game changing request. It is sink or swim for Joel and Bryan Sr as they build their first ever log boathouse.

History Lessen

4.0 5 x
New. Bryan Sr and Joel brave the British Columbia backwoods to save a historic cabin and Beat cooks up an outdoor log kitchen. Peter builds a dream retreat.

Cowboy Confidential

4.0 5 x
New. Beat and Andre are lassoed into building an elaborate carved archway. Joel wrangles a rookie crew to construct a holiday home in the wilds of Wisconsin.

Under the Gun

4.0 6 x
New. Beat constructs a luxury fishing lodge, Bryan Jr is coerced into giving the local gun shop a much-needed facelift.

Heaven's Gate

3.0 2 x
New. Bryan Jr recreates a couple's cosy log home that they lost in a fire and Peter hopes to build his way into heaven by creating an entryway for the local church.
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