To Buy or Not to Buy

December 2012

44. Dorchester

3.0 52 x
Helping a puzzle-loving wife and her surfboarding husband find a suitable dwelling.(R)

35. Pershore

3.0 28 x
Simon O'Brien and Jonny Benarr raise the stakes for a couple seeking a home in Pershore.(R)

38. Nottingham

3.0 22 x
Rani Price and Ed Hall try to meet the expectations of a Nottingham family.(R)

37. South Wiltshire

3.0 22 x
Jonnie Irwin and Ed Hall are in Wiltshire to find a house for an army couple.(R)

78. Coventry

3.0 24 x
A couple are relying on Rani Price and Ed Hall to find them the ideal home in Coventry.(R)

34. Rural Shropshire

3.0 55 x
Ed Hall and Jonny Benarr search for something a little different in rural Shropshire.(R)

33. Matlock

3.0 16 x
Ed Hall and Jonny Benarr hunt for the perfect family property in glorious Matlock.(R)

32. Winchester

3.0 27 x
Jonny Benarr and Ed Hall take on a North to South property move.(R)
November 2012

43. Knowle

3.0 44 x
Ed Hall and Rani Price serve up three properties for a retired couple in Knowle.(R)

42. Oxon

3.0 20 x
It's the biggest budget ever. Can Simon O'Brien and Jonnie Irwin rise to the challenge?(R)
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