Toast of London

April 2016

Series 3 Episode 6: Global Warming

3.0 17 x
Toast begs Jane to get him in at the Globe Theatre, but he's less than impressed with director Daz Klondyke, who casts him in the all-dog version of Twelfth Night

Series 3 Episode 5: Man of Sex

3.0 15 x
Toast is cast in a West End play along with legendary actor and drinker Ormond Sacker, who has just come out of rehab

Series 3 Episode 4: Bob a Job

3.0 33 x
With the promise of a potential role in Kevin Spacey's House of Cards, Toast takes part in a Royal Variety Performance hosted by Bob Monkhouse

Series 3 Episode 3: Hamm on Toast

3.0 18 x
Toast experiences the charisma of Mad Men star Jon Hamm, and Toast and his brother Blair visit their dying father - guest Brian Blessed - in his castle to find out who will inherit the Toast fortune

Series 3 Episode 2: Beauty Calls

3.0 22 x
Toast's romance with a weather girl is thrown into jeopardy when he and Ed are asked to judge an international beauty contest. Guest star Paul Whitehouse.

Series 3 Episode 1: Over the Moon

3.0 21 x
Live on chat show Lorraine, Toast tells a tale that could not only topple the US government but also destroy the entire world
July 2015


3.0 19 x
The first episode of the sitcom, written by Arthur Mathews and starring Matt Berry. Successful actor Steven Toast decides to star in a controversial new West End stage play...
December 2014

Series 2 Episode 6: Fool in Love

3.0 21 x
An old heartbreaker flame of Toast's, Lorna Wynde, turns up in London, but is she still in love with him, or is she trying to make her husband, Josh Homme, jealous?

Series 2 Episode 5: Buried Alive

Expired 3.0 13 x
Toast is very excited to land a major role in a big movie, but when his co-star, Max Gland, has an accident on set, it has terrifying consequences for Toast's role
November 2014

Series 2 Episode 4 High Winds Actor

Expired 3.0 24 x
After the tragic death of his friend Axel Jacklin, Britain's finest exponent of acting in high winds, Toast finds himself in demand for dramatic roles