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Tool Club
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Episode 15

In Dumfries, Lucy's bookshop turns a new page, as the team complete the new LGBTQ+ community hub. In the Tool Bus, a vintage sewing box is transformed into a cocktail bar. (S1 Ep15/15)

November 2023

Episode 14

0 x
The team race to complete the Dumfries bookshop transformation and make a splash renovating a duck pond and duck house. And a salvaged tree is turned into a postbox. (S1 Ep14/15)
October 2023

Episode 13

1 x
The team near completion of the LGBTQ+ hub in Dumfries, homeowner Denise renovates her dilapidated pergola, and a neglected wooden chair gets repurposed in the Tool Bus. (S1 Ep13/15)

Episode 12

1 x
The team upcycle salvaged timber and start sanding and painting the walls at The Wobbly Shelf bookshop, while some worn cricket bats are reimagined as nifty wine racks. (S1 Ep12/15)

Episode 11

1 x
The team are in Dumfries to help bookshop manager Lucy begin a new chapter and renovate her tired and dated shop to create a hub for the LGBTQ+ community. (S1 Ep11/15)

Episode 10

2 x
The team rush to complete the Many Tears animal rescue centre makeover. The Tool Bus revives an old wine rack. And a rundown garden gets some TLC... and a dance floor! (S1 Ep10/15)

Episode 9

2 x
With the makeover of the animal rescue centre in Llanelli nearing completion, the team tackle the dog grooming room and play area. And there are green fingers at the Tool Bus. (S1 Ep9/15)

Episode 8

1 x
The team tackle tiling at the Many Tears animal rescue centre, and help Jenna face her fear of power tools. And at the home build, a young mum achieves a childhood dream. (S1 Ep8/15)

Episode 7

1 x
The Many Tears animal rescue centre makeover in Llanelli continues. A tired kitchen gets a new lease of life, and some battered skateboard decks are turned into a bird feeder. (S1 Ep7/15)

Episode 6

3 x
The team unleash their DIY know-how on an animal rescue centre in Llanelli. At the home build, a shed becomes a tiki bar, and the Tool Bus restores a vintage trolley. (S1 Ep6/15)

Episode 5

3 x
The team complete the community allotment makeover in Preston. Kevin helps power tool novice Rachel create a hot tub hideaway. And the Tool Bus puts the cycle into upcycle. (S1 Ep5/15)

Episode 4

1 x
Kevin and the team help to jazz up plant pots and brighten up a trellis. Shreya and Rakesh redesign a shrine, and a washing machine drum is reimagined as a fire pit and BBQ. (S1 Ep4/15)
September 2023

Episode 3

3 x
Kevin and the team help to build planters for the Stanley Grange residents' allotment, and Julia and Ben make a sensory board. At the Tool Bus, a lamp gets a new lease of life. (S1 Ep3/15)

Episode 2

3 x
Kevin Duala and the team help DIY novice Pat transform a wheelbarrow. Julia shows Mark how to upholster some old chairs. And can the Tool Bus revive a much-loved childhood toy? (S1 Ep2/15)

Episode 1

2 x
Kevin Duala hosts, as DIY novices learn how to tackle their renovation and craft challenges. In Preston, the team help a residential community rescue their much-loved allotment. (S1 Ep1/15)

September 18, 2021

68 x
Michael Underwood hosts a new show giving people the skills and confidence to tackle DIY challenges themselves. The experts help to turn an old coach into a school library.