6. Penan

3.0 20 x
Bruce Parry treks into the jungles of Sarawak in search of the last nomadic Penan.(R)

5. Layap

3.0 28 x
Bruce Parry treks into the high Bhutan mountains to live with the isolated Layap people.(R)

4. Akie

3.0 19 x
Bruce Parry spends time with the Akie people of Tanzania, who live on the savannah.(R)

3. Anuta

3.0 34 x
Bruce Parry sails to the island of Anuta, a remote tropical outpost in the South Pacific.(R)

2. Nenets

3.0 38 x
Explorer Bruce Parry spends a month with Nenet reindeer herders in Northern Siberia.(R)

1. Matis

3.0 46 x
Explorer Bruce Parry travels to the Amazon rainforest to live with the Matis.(R)
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