Viking Dead

September 2018

Treasure of the Vikings

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New. The Viking Age saw major changes in the economy of Scandinavia. Tim travels to Norway and Estonia to find out more about the 'bullion economy'.

The Lost Viking Fleet of Roskilde

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New. The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde is one of the most popular attractions in Denmark. The Vikings may be gone but they are not forgotten!

Mysteries of the Oseberg

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New. A preserved Viking ship was found in Norway. Buried with the ship were two skeletons, but does the evidence point to a sacrifice or a funeral?

The Viking Burial Ships of Estonia

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New. In Estonia, the earliest known Viking ships to have crossed the Baltic and the earliest examples of mass ship burials have been uncovered.

The Secret Viking Grave of Ridgeway Hill

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New. In 2009, a mass grave was found in Dorset. What can the skeletons reveal about how these Vikings met their gruesome end?

The First Viking Raid

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New. Lindisfarne was a peaceful holy island, until the Vikings arrived. Tim Sutherland joins archaeologists as they uncover the realities of the Viking raid.
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