Wales Land Of The Wild

December 2019

Series 1: Episode 4

3.0 31 x
It is autumn, the season of change. Wildlife is on the move, and there are battles to be fought to win mates and secure the right to breed. But time is short as winter is coming.
November 2019

Series 1: Episode 3

4.0 22 x
It is summer and the country is basking in a heatwave. In this season of extremes, it is time for some of Wales's smaller - and more exotic - wild animals to shine.

Series 1: Episode 2

3.0 25 x
It is the middle of spring and the brightest time of year in Wales. The race is on to breed, but predators are on the hunt.

Series 1: Episode 1

4.0 43 x
It is the first day of spring but winter has a sting in its tail as the country is blanketed with snow. As the sun returns, the breeding season finally gets underway.