Who Let the Dogs Out and About?

March 2013

10. Plymouth

3.0 66 x
The truck stops off in Plymouth for the final show in the series.

9. Leeds

3.0 56 x
The team meet Mugley, the world's ugliest dog.

6. Glasgow

3.0 21 x
The team go on a world record breaking dog walk.
February 2013

5. London

3.0 16 x
Kate Edmondson, Scott Miller, Claire Gillies and Ashleigh and Pudsey are in London.

4. Brighton

3.0 15 x
The team get a rather unusual invite to a dog wedding.

3. Bristol

3.0 61 x
The team meet a tail wagging display team.
January 2013

2. Liverpool

3.0 19 x
The team find out all about the doggie sport of flyball.

1. Cornwall

3.0 20 x
Claire teaches three young dog trainers a fabulous new trick.
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