Wild Britain

March 2018

Season 1, Episode 4: Water Worlds

3.0 15 x
Beavers display their skills as landscapers, a water spider constructs its own air tank, and starlings put on a head-turning display to keep a peregrine falcon at bay.

Season 1, Episode 3: Coasts

3.0 8 x
From sandy beaches to soaring cliffs, Britain's coastlines are one of nature's wildest habitats, where hardy creatures are battling to survive.

Season 1, Episode 2: Forests

1.5 44 x
Britain's forests contain majestic trees, some of them thousands of years old. Behind the leafy veil, there are booming populations of previously rare wild boar and goshawks.

Season 1, Episode 1: Mountains

4.5 56 x
Only the hardiest of beasts survive in Britain's mountains and uplands, including the golden eagle and its prey the mountain hare, plus 400,000 red deer, the flamboyant black grouse, and sheep who have grazed for centuries.
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