Wild Britain with Ray Mears

Wild Britain with Ray Mears catch up

March 2013

Episode 10: The Best of Series 3

3.0 32 x
Ray revisits some of his favourite moments from the series, starting on the Isle of Mull where he swam with the incredible basking shark and observed white-tailed eagle chicks.

Episode 9: The Weald

3.0 85 x
Ray explores the Weald, a medieval landscape of forests and heathland on the border of Kent and Sussex where he watches deer and their fawns.
February 2013

Episode 8: Isles of Scilly

3.0 78 x
Ray visits the Scilly Isles. With one of the mildest climates in the country, species can be found here which don't appear anywhere on the mainland.

Episode 7: Isle of Wight Coast

3.0 90 x
Off the Isle of Wight Ray finds conger eels, the spiny spider crab and smooth hound sharks and on land a rare butterfly and the footprint of a prehistoric iguanodon.

Episode 6: Argyll Rainforest

3.0 75 x
In Argyll, Ray explores the temperate rainforest, discovers the sika deer, meets a local lichenologist, and learns about the reintroduction of the European beaver.

Episode 4

3.0 23 x
Ray continues his celebration of the British landscape and its wildlife. Ray takes a trip down the River Wye in Wales, meeting local experts and observing wildlife.
January 2013

Episode 8

3.0 18 x
Ray is on Salisbury Plain, the largest area of chalk grassland in Britain and home to our biggest military training ground - which has helped preserve many of its flora and fauna.

Episode 7

3.0 41 x
Ray Mears is in the Yorkshire Dales today exploring the dramatic limestone geology, its cliffs and caves, and the wildlife dependant on it including cave spiders and bats.

Episode 2

3.0 33 x
Ray Mears explores the ancient forests on the Isle of Wight. Cut off from the mainland, the island has no grey squirrels which means it is a sanctuary for the rare red squirrel.